Saturday, November 26, 2011

#51 Chicago Cubs

Team Leaders:  Leon Durham led the Cubs with his .312 average as well as his 22 home runs.  Bill Buckner led the team with 105 RBI.  Fergie Jenkins led the staff with his 3.15 ERA, 14 wins, and 134 strikeouts.

Record: 73-89, 5th in the NL East.

Flipside: The back list 24 players plus manager Lee Elia, including two Hall of Famers in Jenkins and Sandberg and one who should be in Lee Smith.

Most Common Starters:
C.   Davis
1B. Buckner
2B. Wills
3B. Sandberg
SS. Bowa
LF. Moreland
CF. Durham
RF. Johnstone

Steve Henderson and Gary Woods also saw significant time in the outfield as Moreland split time between LF, RF, and catcher.  This was Sandberg's only year as a third baseman. Yeah, Bull Durham started 71 games in CF and 71 in RF.  His range factor per 9/inn in CF of 2.34 was -.32 less than league average while in RF it was 2.10, 0.09 better than league average.

Pitching Staff:
Jenkins 34 GS
Bird 33 GS
Noles 30 GS
Martz 24 GS
Ripley 19 GS
Closer: Smith 17 Saves

-Jenkins was the only starter with an ERA below league average. 
-The starting pitchers only completed nine games. 
-Tidrow, Campbell, Hernandez, and Proly contributed 25 saves and filled out a stellar bullpen that was the strength of the team. 
-Other than 13 games from Ken Kravec, Hernandez was the only lefty on staff.

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