Saturday, February 9, 2013

#308 Jesus Vega - Minnesota Twins

After a string of veterans we see Jesus Vega's only Topps card.  The dude sure has some hairy arms.  Vega appeared as a DH twice as much as a first baseman despite what it says on the card.

PlayerJesus Vega was signed by the Brewers out of Puerto Rico in 1975 and hit over .300 three years in a row in the minors to start his career.  He was acquired by the Twins in the minor league draft and hit .297 at AA Orlando in '77.  After batting .293 with 13 homers at AAA Toledo he was given a late season call up.  Vega got into four games but was hitless in seven at bats.

The Twins recalled Vega in May 1980 to DH and after slapping five singles in 29 at bats he was sent back down.  He returned in September however he got into just two games and ended the year batting .167.  His production was down in 1981 and he spent all season in the minors.

Vega surprisingly made the Twins roster in '82 and platooned at DH with an occasional start at first base.  He batted .266/.289/.372 with five homers in 199 at bats and fell out of favor as he made just one start after 8/1.  After spending the '83 season back at Toledo he spent part of '84 with the Dodgers organization.  He played one more year in Mexico before hanging it up for good.

Flipside:  The Twins loaned Vega to Tidewater during the '81 season which cemented his status as a non-prospect.

Oddball:  Vega didn't hit like most firstbasemen as he was more of a line drive hitter.  The Twins tried Vega at third base when he was at AA Orlando but he made three errors in two games before they moved him back to first.

History:  Vega was a typical replacement level player.  That might even be a stretch as he posted -1.2 WAR in his brief career. His batting skills would have matched up well for a middle infielder or centerfielder but he was a shaky fielder even at first base.


  1. Note Vega's current residence on this card is Levittown Lakes, Puerto Rico. I never realized there were Levitttowns outside of the United States.

  2. I had never knew anything about Levittowns until your comment caused me to look them up on Wikipedia. Four Levittowns in the US and one in PR. Interesting.