Thursday, October 20, 2011

#18 Kent Tekulve Super Veteran

The 1983 set includes 34 Super Veteran cards.  The cards feature side by side photos of selected veteran players, a current picture and a black and white picture from early in their career.  The back notes different milestones from their career. I have decided that I will chronicle the following for the 34 super-vets: Then and Now, Career Span, All-Star games, League Leader, All Time Ranks, Post Season experience, MVP/CY voting, and Hall of Fame.

Then and Now: Tekulve looks pretty much the same.  Tekulve's role didn't fluctuate much in his career.  Tekulve was either setting up the closer or closing out games himself.  He held the career record for most games pitched without a start until John Franco broke the mark.

Career Span: 5/20/74 - 7/16/89

All-Star: Only once in 1980, but he did not play.

League Leader: Tekulve led the league in games pitched in '78, '79, '82 and '87.

All Time Ranks: Tekulve ranks 8th all-time with 1,050 games and 52nd with 184 saves.

Post Season: Lost in '75 LCS to the Big Red Machine.  Won championship in '79 with Willie Stargell and the "We are Family" Pirates.

MVP/ CY: Tekulve finished 8th and 13th in '78 and '79 in MVP voting. He finished 5th in Cy Young voting both years.

Hall of Fame: No. Tekulve received 1.3% of the vote in '95 and was removed from the ballot.

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