Monday, November 5, 2012

#241 Goose Gossage Super Veteran

Then and Now:  Young Rich looks so different cast in black and white.  I like that Topps used B/W photos for the older photos, really adds a sense of awe in regards to the length of a veteran's career. Or at least it seemed that way when I was a kid.  Amazingly at this point Gossage was only halfway through his 22 year career.  On the pic on the right, Goose is the man, how dare you stare at him.
Career Span: 4/16/72 - 8/8/94.  The White Sox were a young team but Gossage did play with veterans Moe Drabowsky and Eddie Fisher who had both pitched in the 1950's.  Also on those early-mid-70's ChiSox teams: Dick Allen, Wilbur Wood, Ron Santo, and Jim Kaat.  Playing with Texas, Oakland, and Seattle in the 90's Gossage was teammates with a litany of 90's baseball stars.  As he wound down his career with the '94 Mariners he was a teammates with Ken Griffey Jr, Randy Johnson, and a teenage Alex Rodriguez. 
All-Star:  7 time AL All-Star, 2 time NL All-Star.  Gossage pitched in 6 games, and allowed 7 runs in 6 innings.  Four of those runs came in the '78 contest when he lost a 3-3 tie. 
League Leader:  Led the AL in Saves three times: '75 (26), '78 (27), '80 (33).  1st in Pitcher WAR in '75 (8.1), 1st in Win Probability Added in '75 (7.0) and '77 (5.9) 
All-Time:  15th in Games Pitched 1,002. 19th in Saves, 310.
Postseason:  2-1, 8 Saves, 2.87 ERA, 19 G, 31.1 IP.  Zero runs allowed in '78 and '81 WS. Won a ring with Yankees in '78.
Cy Young:  Never won.  Finished 3rd in '80, 5th in '78, '81, and '84, 6th in '75.
MVP:  Never won:  Finished 3rd in '80, received votes four other times.
Hall of Fame:  First eligible in 2000, Gossage was elected in 2008 with 85.8% of the vote.

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