Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#71 Steve Carlton Super Veteran

Then & Now: In '65 Steve Carlton spent the entire year with the Cardinals but saw action in only 15 innings.  The Cards were very cautious with the young lefty as he only pitched 25 innings all year.  By '83 he was a seasoned vet.  Any guesses what stadium this photo is from?

Career Span: April 12, 1965 to April 23, 1988

All-Star: A ten time National League All-Star, Carlton pitched in five games, starting two.  He received the win in the '69 contest.  In total he allowed five runs in eight innings.

Gold Glove: Carlton won his only gold glove in 1981.

Postseason: Carlton won championships with the Cardinals in '67, Phillies in '80, and Twins in '87. 
He made a total of 14 starts and had a 6-6 record with a 3.26 ERA.

Cy Young: Carlton won the CY in '72, '77, '80, and '82.  He finished 4th in '76, and 3rd in '81. 

MVP: Never won an MVP, was 5th in '72, '77, and '80, 9th in '81 and '82, and 15th in '76.  

HOF:  Elected in first year of eligibilty in '94 appearing on 436/456 ballots.  Have to wonder if his relationship with media cost him a few votes...or maybe it was his poor last few years.  Otherwise, how could someone not vote for him?


  1. To me it looks like Cleveland's Memorial Stadium decked out for the All-Star game in '81.

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