Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#101 Pete Rose - Super Veteran

Then and Now:  In '63 Rose was a 22 year-old young second baseman who ran the bases with reckless abandon.  His stolen base rate his first two years: 17/42.  By '83 he still had a few years left to play.  Proving stealing bases is as much reading the pitcher as speed, Rose was 11/12 stealing bases after turning 44

Career Span:  24 seasons from 4/8/1963 to 8/17/86

All Star:  Selected to 17 All-Star games, he batted just .212 (7/33) played in 16 contests.  

League Leaders:  Rose led the National League in...
Games Played: Five times
At bats: Four times
Runs: Four times
Hits: Seven times
Doubles: Five times
Batting Average: Three  times
On Base %: Once
HBP: Once

Gold Glove and Silver Slugger:  Won Gold Gloves for his play in right field in '69 and '70.  He won a Silver Slugger in '80 while playing first base.

All Time:  1st in hits 4,256, 1st in singles 3,215, 1st in at bats 14,053, 1st in games played 3,562, 2nd in doubles in 746, 6th in runs scored 2,165, and 7th in total bases 5,752.

Post Season:  Rose's teams made the playoffs eight times.  He batted .321 (86/268) while winning World Series with the Reds in '75 and '76 and the Phillies in '80.

MVP:  Won the MVP in '73, finished 2nd in '68, 4th in '69 and '76, 5th in '75, 6th in '65, 7th in '70.  Also received votes eight other times.

Hall of Fame:  Well isn't this a hot topic...Although ineligible he received votes in '92, '93, '94.
You can read more for and against his HOF worthiness at these links.  


  1. The Super Veterans subset is my favorite of all-time. There are some great cards in this one - I cannot wait to see the others.

    Loving that crew-cut too!!

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