Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#231 Fergie Jenkins Super Veteran

Then and Now: Jenkins seems to have a contemplative look as a 22 year old Phillie rookie.  He looks pretty serious here as a 18 year vet in his second go-around with the Cubs.

Career Span: 9/10/65 to 9/26/83.  The '65 Phillies were a pretty young bunch but Jenkins shared a roster spot with 38 year-old Lew Burdette who played in the majors from 1950-67.  As he was winding down his career with the Cubs, Jenkins played with youngsters Ryne Sandberg and Joe Carter who played until '97 and '98 respectively.

All Star:  Amazingly Jenkins was selected to just three All-Star squads in '67, '71, and '72 all while he was a Cub.  He pitched in the '67 (1 run in 3 innings) and '71 (2 runs in 1 inning) contests but did not factor in the decision in either game.

League Leaders: 
Led NL in wins in '71 (24), AL in wins in '74 (25)
Led NL in GS in '68, '69, and '71
Led NL in CG in '67, '70, and '71.  Led AL in '74
Led NL in Innings in '71
Led NL in HR allowed '67, '68, '71, '72, '73. Led AL in '75, '79
Led NL in Strikeouts in '69
Led NL in WHIP in '70

All Time:  29th with 286 wins, 12th with 3,192 strikeouts, and 21st with 49 shutouts

Postseason:  Never made it.  Close with Cubs in late '60s and was a year late with Boston in '76 and '77.  Cubs won NL East in '84 after releasing Jenkins in spring training.

Cy Young:  Won it in '71, 2nd in '67 and '74, 3rd in '70 and '72, 6th in '78.

MVP:  Received votes in five different years with his best finish 5th in 1974.

Hall of Fame:  Received 52.3% of vote in '89, 66.7% in '90, and 75.4% to open the door in 1991.  First Canadian elected to the HOF.

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  1. That;s my guy!! I wish Topps would issue a new Super Veterans subset - this is my favorite in-set subset of all-time!!