Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#111 1982 Montreal Expos

Team Leaders:  Al Oliver is looking pretty cool here.  As you can see he led the Expos with his .331 average.  He also led the team with 109 RBI.  Four Expos hit 20+ HR, led by Gary Carter with 29.  Steve Rogers was the ace of the pitching staff, leading the team in ERA at 2.40, strikeouts 179, and 19 wins.

Record:  86-76, 3rd place, 6 games behind St.Louis.

Flipside:  The checklist counts 27 Expos, including Hall of Famers Gary Carter and Andre DawsonTim Raines should join them someday.

Most Common Starters:
C             Gary Carter
1B           Al Oliver
2B           Doug Flynn
3B           Tim Wallach
SS           Chris Speier
LF            Tim Raines
CF           Andre Dawson
RF           Warren Cromartie

Montreal had a lot of talent on offense but second base was a black hole.  Flynn had a rotten .256 OB% in 58 games, Raines made 36 starts there, and while it was a good idea it just didn't work out.  Mike Gates started 30 games but was only marginally better than Flynn.  Four other Expos made at least five starts at second.  Terry Francona was the only solid bench player as he batted .321 in 131 at bats.

Pitching Staff:
Steve Rogers             35 GS
Bill Gullickson           34 GS

Scott Sanderson       32 GS
Charlie Lea                27 GS

Ray Burris                  15 GS
David Palmer            13 GS
Jeff Reardon             2.06 ERA, 26 saves
Bryn Smith                4.20 ERA, 3 saves
Woodie Fryman       3.75 ERA, 12 saves
The number five spot in the rotation was a sore spot all year.  Burris was 0-11 in that role before he was mercifully moved to the pen.  Palmer was effective when healthy.  Dan Schatzeder and Randy Lerch also contributed. 

Oddball:  Spaceman Bill Lee pitched in seven games before he was released for staging a walkout after the team released his friend Rodney Scott. 

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