Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#146 Don Sutton - Super Veteran

Then and Now: I wonder if Sutton wore the poofy hair to hide his ears?

Career Span:  23 seasons from 4/14/66 to 8/9/88.  Sutton was teammates with an aging Jim Gilliam on the Dodgers.  At the end of his career he was teammates with youngsters Jose Canseco on the A's and Devon White on the Angels.

All Star:  Four times.  He never started but appeared in '72, '73, '75, and '77 pitching eight combined scoreless innings in relief.  He earned the win in the '77 contest. 

League Leaders:  Led NL in ERA once, games started once, shutouts once, and WHIP four times. 

All-Time:  Sutton ranks 3rd in games started (756), 3rd in earned runs (1,914), 7th in inning pitched (5,282),  7th in strikeouts (3,574), 7th in losses (256),  10th in shutouts (58), and 14th in career wins (324).

Postseason:  Sutton pitched in the playoffs five times.  He compiled a 6-4 record with a 3.68 ERA in 100.1 innings.  He appeared in four World Series but his team never won it all.

Cy Young:  Finished 3rd in '76, 4th in '74, 5th in '72, '73, and '75.

MVP:  22nd in '76.

Hall of Fame:  Elected in '98, 81.6% of the vote in his 5th year. 


  1. You know, I think you have something there with that poofy hair theory.

    And now I just realized I need another version of this card for my Dodger collection.

  2. Damn, look at those ears!! When I look at the 'after' photo on this card, it is clear that Sutton has not aged badly in the last 25+ years.